How To: Thigh High Boots

15 Oct

It’s the season for thigh high boots! And yet, it begs the question…how do you go about wearing them without looking ridiculous?

As I was scouring the web for ideas, inspiration, and tips, I was quite disappointed in the results. Most articles say that this style is primarily aimed for long-legged, skinny, and tall bodied people. But what about the rest of us?

I feel that almost anyone, if they so choose, can wear thigh high boots with style. It takes a bit of gusto to wear this statement piece, but it can be done.

Here are few quick tips for picking a great thigh high boot:

  • Pick a great style that you love and that’s pretty classic. It’s a big enough statement on their own without having cuffs, leopard print, or patent leather. I’d stay close to neutral colors in a great leather or suede persuasion.
  • Decide if you want flat boots or with a heel. Be careful with the look of the heel and avoid anything that looks uncomfortable or too costume-like.
  • Whether it’s a zip up, pull up, or a mix of the two, make sure that it’s secure, the zipper is durable, and the material doesn’t stretch too much. You don’t want to walk around and bust a seam or have the boots become slouchy during the day (unless that’s the look you want.)

Now that you have a great thigh high boot…what will you wear it with?

On the runways, they’ve created many different looks with the boots. Not all of them are wearable in real life, but it gives us a source of inspiration. From semi-appropriate office looks to night-time outings, these boots definitely add drama to a simple outfit.

Some tips I’ve picked up on my own for petites:

  • When wearing a dress, keep it on the shorter side to lengthen the legs. It’ll seem like your legs go on for miles! An A-line or flared style works best, but do whatever works for your body.
  • When wearing pants, try to keep it on the darker side to match the color of the boots. Avoid light colored pants as it can make you look shorter
  • When wearing shorts, try a style with a cuff or with silky material. Avoid cutoffs as it can look trashy.
  • Balance out your proportions and don’t add too many layers or accessories. Keep it simple.

I got my thigh high boots from Zara. They were pretty pricey, but they were given to me as a gift. I love the quality and the style of the boot. When I tried it on at the store, I noticed that they definitely turn heads. It’s a great unexpected piece of my wardrobe and it’s pretty versatile. I’ll keep it forever!

Here are a couple of looks that I’ve pulled from my closet:

  • Outfit 1: Forever 21 floral print dress $20
  • Outfit 2: Martin+Osa gray cardigan $35, Urban Outfitters braided skinny belt $20, Magenta striped shift tunic dress (DIY)
  • Outfit 3: Nordstrom floral dress $35, Martin+Osa Tuxedo Blazer $45, Forever 21 fish pendant $5

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