The Grizzly, The Princess, and the Wardrobe

8 Oct

I keep talking about my closet and how I have too much stuff. Well I finally have almost everything organized after spending a ridiculous amount of time packing, unpacking, and repacking everything for my apartment. After a while, I was quite beastly to those around me during this period because I was so frustrated carting my things around.

Anyways, after doing a quick inventory, I have less 365 items of clothes and shoes, which makes me happy. Somehow, 365 makes a great cutoff number….along with 100 hangers. Plus, I’m only using half of the closet that’s provided in my new apartment!

I’m limiting my hangers to 100, which works out just fine. But, I must start cutting down my pant collection because I have too many! I never wear khakis, but I have two pairs. When I wear blue jeans, I have three favorite pairs, but obviously, I have more than just three. I can’t bear to part with them especially since I got most of them at the Rock & Republic Sample Sale. When you have to fight for good deal, it’s tough to part with something so beautiful, even if I wore those jeans maybe twice in a year.

Anyways, as I’m still trying to build my wardrobe, I want to add more colorful and patterned pieces. I’m pretty sure I have most of the basics covered…but I always want more!

Here’s a peek!

This is my mini crate set…perfect for storing my pants, sweaters, tees, belts, scarves, hats, and handbags. Looking at everything as a whole, I don’t really have that many tees or sweaters. I can do without tees, but in the fall and winter, who can live without sweaters?

It’s pretty sweet to have these newspaper baskets to store my smaller accessories because it keeps moisture away and yet adds a nice touch to everything. As for bags, I don’t have much, but I’m saving up for a quality one…aside from a nice Burberry tote I have tucked away. For now, it’s cheap bags for the everyday.

Here’s the whole enchilada!

Yup. That’s all the clothes I own…for all seasons. I keep reading these closet organization and clutter articles and they always talk about storing away their non-seasonal items. But I have very few seasonal items. For the most part, it’s just a large overcoat, summer wedges and sandals…and swimwear. Everything else, I could pretty much wear year-round given that I live in California.

My closet is organized by type, (sweaters, jackets, skirts, etc.) by occasion (formal or casual), and by color. It’s a bit haphazard, but it works well for me and how I think. I’m still trying to streamline everything so I can pare it down some more and keep things I absolutely love and get rid of things I don’t quite wear anymore. But it’s always difficult if you love something, but don’t really get the opportunity to wear it.

In the lower right hand corner of my closet, I have my boot boxes and some shoe boxes. Where are the rest of my shoes? On the shoe rack, but I haven’t taken a picture of it just yet because I’m still trying to figure out how I want to organize it. Along with my addiction to pants, I’m addicted to shoes. I don’t think I’ve reached 30 pairs, which is my personal max…but I still believe that I have more than I should. However, since the weather is cooling down, I’ll be making good use of all the boots and booties I’ve collected these past six months!

I’d love to find new ways to keep my closet organized and manageable, any tips?

How do you organize your closet?


3 Responses to “The Grizzly, The Princess, and the Wardrobe”

  1. Chris Simiriglia October 13, 2009 at 10:31 AM #

    As far as organization, your closet looks great! If I were you, I’d donate anything that I know I don’t wear (like the khakis), keep a really good itemized list, and use it as a tax deduction. Use the in and out rule if there are things that you still want. Whenever you buy something new, something old has to be sold or donated. That way you get the “new” without the clutter. I have to admit, even though I’m now more of a minimalist, I had 48 pair of shoes in my heyday!!! Good luck to you. For other organizing info, you can check out my site at

    • stylepint October 13, 2009 at 12:01 PM #

      Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely try them out! =)


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