How To: Cowboy Boots

2 Oct

I got these awesome Jeffrey Campbell cowboy boots for $40 at a thrift store two months ago but it’s been too hot wear them. Gradually, I’m becoming accustomed to getting second-hand goods, as long as they’re pretty new. The boots looked darn spankin’ new and smelled clean too. I know…smelling isn’t the smartest thing to do, but it smelled like new leather and not stinky feet.

As for when to wear them, there’s no specific season for cowboy boots. You can wear them year round with many different outfits and it’d still be fine. I know it’s not a huge trend for fall this year, but who cares? Cowboy boots will always be around in fashion no matter what.

Here’s a quick way to transition cowboy boots from summer to fall.

Look 1: Summer Flirt

Pair the boots with a loose floral dress for an easy, breezy summer look that’s chic without being uncomfortable.

Fire Los Angeles (Nordstrom) Floral Trapeze Dress ($25)

Look 2: Autumn Casual

As the weather cools down, pair the cowboy boots with some leggings and a shirtdress. It’s a classic outfit with an unusual western twist.

TJ Maxx Striped Shirtdress($15) and Forever 21 Black Leggings ($5.50)

Petite Tips

For the first outfit, the dress was above the knee with a loose empire waist to add some shape and dimension to the body. The boots come up about mid-calf, which can be tricky as it can shorten the leg line, but the proportions of the dress balances it all out.

For the second outfit, it’s pretty much the same concept with the empire waist and a higher hemline. Also, thin vertical stripes help elongate the body without adding bulk. The dark leggings slim the look of the leg, so it it keeps you warm and makes you look smaller at the same time.


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