Biker Chic?

18 Sep

Lately, I’ve been indulging in some Korean media…watching KDrama, listening to KPop, reading Kpop blogs, and eating KBBQ/Soondubu. After all this Korean influence, it’s slowing affecting my wardrobe choices. I don’t mind because Korean women have great style.

But none as strong as BoA in the “Energetic” video. I’m drawn to the white moto top with the diamond studded corset. I know she’s going for the whole b-girl look  but personally, I wouldn’t wear harem pants or the winged sneakers of Apollo.

I am so in love with that white moto vest/top…I had to get it. Instead of a leather motorcycle or biker jacket, I got the Pencey cropped silk moto vest that still says “rocker” without the bulkiness. Perhaps it’s better for my frame to have something less bulky than a leather jacket.

I’ve been looking for a great leather jacket, but it always overwhelms my frame and makes me look disproportionate. After countless fittings from Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Express, Urban Outfitters, and the like, nothing  looked good on me. From regular jackets, to cropped versions and vests, I haven’t yet found anything as great as the Pencey vest. Although I’m sticking with the biker chick style, I’m changing the material to silk so that it looks better on me.

Photo Credit: Revolve Clothing

By the way, I got this vest in August, so it doesn’t count for September’s shopping budget.


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