Wizarding Inspiration

9 Sep

Selena Gomez

I don’t watch Disney Channel anymore because I’m too old and the shows are full of over-actors. But I happened to catch Wizards of Waverly Place as I was scanning the channels and it caught my attention. It’s a smart show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet, it’s entertaining without being annoyingly cheesy. When I was working at the studio lot, the set designers loved Wizards because the sets always change and it was fun to create something new and different for each episode.

Anyways,  I found inspiration from Selena Gomez and her character on Wizards. She seems pretty down to earth and more genuine than other Disney actors and actresses. On screen, she definitely catches your attention and even off-screen, she’s adorable!

When other teenage Disneyettes are running around rebelling and exposing themselves, it’s kind of nice to find that Selena Gomez doesn’t follow that crowd. Her fashion choices are always age-appropriate, creative, and elegant. Whenever I see her at award shows, she blows me away because instead of being overly trendy or sexy, she’s classy with that show-stopping red carpet glamor.

I know she’s much younger than me, but I’m getting to that point where designers are creating things for a younger audience as I’m moving away from that target market. Still, fashion doesn’t have an age and style is something you can’t outgrow.


One Response to “Wizarding Inspiration”

  1. MizzJ September 9, 2009 at 12:04 AM #

    It’s true, she is so adorable! I dislike watching any of these Disney stars too, they just make me feel old and unaccomplished, which makes me grumpy, which makes me feel even older haha.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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