Short Term Shopping Goal

1 Sep

Since I’ll be moving to a new apartment soon, I’m getting a head start on packing away my things. I’ve noticed that my closet has been filled up since I first moved. At first, I had 2 drawers, 1 large suitcase, and one duffel bag full of clothes and shoes. Now, I think it’s doubled in size and volume of clothing and shoe apparel.

Thus, I’m setting up a short term shopping goal in the hopes that it will become a long-term habit.

For September, I will not be purchasing any apparel or shoe item.

What will I do instead with the extra money?

I’ll be putting it in savings and building up my accessories. Currently, I have a handful of necklaces, but I should have more belts, bracelets, earrings, and scarves. Plus, it’d be awesome to save enough money for a great weekend getaway!

So, I’m setting aside a flexible budget of $50 this month for accessories. Instead of purchasing cheap Forever 21 jewelry that fades faster than disappearing ink, I want things that will last through the year. Investing in better quality accessories would be more beneficial in the long run than buying every cheap, trendy thing that catches my eye in disposable fashion stores. It’d be great to mix and match quality jewelry with trendy items to balance it all out.

To me, the pinnacle of a great necklace is the Chanel pearl stranded necklace. Always in style, never over-the-top…Chanel necklaces are on my wish-list when I become a millionaire.

Classic Chanel


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