Some Fashion Inspiration

30 Aug

I came across a couple of fashion blogs that mention At first, it seemed like a mish-mash of amateur home videos. But after finding a couple gems, I’ve grown to love the site and the wide range of fashions it displays. Sometimes, the home-video aspect makes things more real and the person’s personality shines through whole-heartedly without the streamlined effect of professional reality TV.

My faves:

The videos I gravitate toward are mostly girly and feminine. Perhaps it’s partly due to my summertime challenge. I promised myself to stay away from pants unless it was really cold. It prompted me to break out my tomboy-ish style and indulge in my femininity for the past couple months. The weather in LA has been quite warm, which makes pants-wearing almost impossible…so it wasn’t a difficult challenge. I gradually noticed that the hemlines of my skirts went from at the knee to mid-thigh, and pedal pushers became short-shorts as the temperature rose and the season progressed.

A little femininty never hurt anyone…maybe my guy friends will count me as one of the girls instead of one of the guys. It’s not bad being one of the guys, but sometimes, I’d like them to treat me like a girl. One of these days, they’ll figure it out.


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