Review: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer

28 Aug

I’ve been trying a new facial moisturizer since the Biore Dual Fusion Moisturizer hasn’t been working for me. I went to my local drugstore and picked up the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer 4 oz. bottle for $9. A pretty good deal if you ask me.


What does it claim?

Moderate sun protection plus elegant facial moisturizer all in one.

Cetaphil is the #1 Dermatologist and Pediatrician recommended brand of cleansers and moisturizers. I’m not 100% sure if it really is number one and who exactly recommends the brand, but it has to have some truth in its advertising.

The Result

After using the moisturizer for a month, my skin feels less dry and more hydrated. In fact, there is no flakiness on my skin at all. Also, the lotion was light enough to wear under my makeup without feeling heavy or oily.

The only side effect I encountered was that after washing my face and applying the moisturizer, there was a slight tingling sensation. It wasn’t very noticeable until after the 2nd week of usage. However, it isn’t too bothersome and the sensation vanishes after a couple of seconds. I heard that the tingling is due to the alcohol that makes the cells in the skin more absorbent of the lotion. But I’m not sure about that part…as long as it’s not going to hurt me in the long-run, I’m ok with it.


  • Smooth, light lotion that provides SPF 15 protection
  • Keeps skin moisturized and well-hydrated throughout the  day


  • Slightly tingle right after cleansing the face
  • Amount of lotion dispensed by the hand-pump is too much (use half a pump)


I give this product 4/5 stars.

Great moisturizer, though I can do without the tingling sensation.


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