Petite Musings: Arden B.

26 Aug

Usually I avoid clubbing style stores such as Guess, Bebe, and Arden B. because it’s not really my style. But, I stopped by Arden B. and found some really cute stuff this time around. The skirts, dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits caught my eye and I started roaming through the racks. There was a bright, colorful look to the whole place which made it easy to shop around.

Random Fact: Arden B. is owned by Wet Seal Inc.

I found a couple items and tried them on. I wasn’t really looking for pants or tops, so I’m not sure about the fit. Still, I have a feeling that they can run pretty small. The rompers and jumpsuits in XS fit quite well on bottom, but the tops were large and baggy. I know it’s the style to have some volume in the top, but it was not proportional to my body and it looked overwhelming. So, I had to let go of those pretty rompers.

Next, I tried on the following dress in XS.

Amazingly, it fit like a glove! It’s beautiful, decently-constructed, and has pockets. The only downside was that the zipper wasn’t that great, but it does the job. The dress had all the right curves in all the right places. I knew that I had to get this one.

Perfect for date night!

Sizing Notes

I’ve seen size 0 and XS in stores, but I’m not sure about the 00. Anyways, here’s the size chart from the Arden B. website:


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