The Year of Shoes

8 Aug

This year, I definitely splurged on my fair share of shoes. I found a new love…boots! I took my time looking for the perfect pairs to fit my lifestyle and I’m pretty proud. I got four snazzy pairs of tall boots and two pairs of booties…it’s perfection!

And I went a vintage boutique on Melrose to snag up two pairs of designer heels at 90% off…which still amounted to about $100 a pair…one in brand new, never worn condition, and one slightly worn. But they were a steal and they’re absolutely lovely! Those two were worth the hour wait in line to get these pairs because otherwise I wouldn’t ever be able to afford such luxurious shoes!

For the next five years, I’m thinking that my shoe collection will primarily stay at a standstill because I know that I need to make the most of my purchases this year and I’m pretty satisfied with my current set. Just a couple more to round it out…and I’m good…for a while.

In the future, I’m looking for a couple random items to round out my collection: white keds, black heels, black leather boots, gladiator sandals, and one crazy platform heel.

Shoe Wishlist

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