Being “Green” without Losing Your Green

9 Jul


Lately, the “green” trend has been picking up speed and flooding the commercial markets with new products and other items. However, the majority of these products are more expensive than the regular stock primarily because it’s “green” or environmentally friendly and the like. As much as I’d like to live sustainably, I don’t have the money to spend on bamboo dinnerware or organic cotton bedding.

Thus, I propose a different solution. Use what you have already and try to make something out of it. In the future, if you have to purchase something, keep sustainability in mind. Hopefully, that will reduce unnecessary expenses while being good to the environment.

Currently, I’m in the process of finding a new apartment and I hope to move in by mid-September. In my new space, I am not purchasing any new furniture, but I will be creating a couple pieces, namely a coffee table and side tables. Those items will be made of magazines and newpapers, with a glass top and a solid wood base. Not only is it cheap, but eco-friendly and mobile. A little bit of creativity can go a long way, especially to reduce the clutter without spending a lot of money.

My budget to furnish, decorate, and “green” my space will be about $500. We’ll see the outcome in September.


One Response to “Being “Green” without Losing Your Green”

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