Up Review

4 Jul


I loved the first 10 minutes of the movie. The 3D parts of the movie weren’t that noticeable, but it was a welcome addition. Although an unusual cast of characters, I think this is one of Pixar’s more ambitious projects in terms of a more mature story that isn’t just for kids.

Up was enjoyable with some memorable parts, some annoying scenes, and some beautiful animation. Obviously it’s a kid’s movie, but the backstory was the best part about the movie itself. There was action, adventure, comedy, and entertainment all rolled into a single film, but it left me a bit empty.

I wish Pixar would grow up and mature its stories to have a meaningful message while still maintaining that emotional pull that gets you interested in the first place. Even though it’s an animation company and its main audience are children, I think they should still incorporate a really good story without compromising by adding formulaic characters and comedic scenes. It’s all been seen and done before and…it’s getting old.

The dogs, the bird, Muntz, and even Russell at times seem to be irrelevant to the overall story. I love the backstory of Carl and Ellie. Even Russell’s backstory is heartfelt and real. There are moments that truly shine and show just what Pixar can accomplish with a movie…and how to reach its full potential. I’m no expert, but I want Pixar to be the best of the best. I want a movie that blows you away, not just with the animation, but the storyline and the progression of the scenes.

Pixar definitely excels in its shorts. For Partly Cloudy: in such a restricted time frame, everything is condensed, has a meaning, and is effective in its execution. If only Pixar could bring such intensity to their full-length features, they would be mind-boggling awesome….seriously, AWE-some.

Personally, I give UP, the movie, 4 stars.  A movie on the verge of greatness.


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